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Tips to get Slimmer in 2016

Tightening your core and blasting belly fat requires just a few easy steps!  Begin in your kitchen with basic exercises and do it anywhere without any gym membership or any special equipment. Follow these eating habits and routine exercises and you’ll be amazed to know how fast you can get slimmer, toned and sculpted.

1.Eat a Breakfast rich in proteins: 
Breakfast is the most vital meal for the day. Studies suggest, eating a healthy breakfast especially rich in proteins eases hunger. Remember to begin your day with breakfast rich in proteins. Get your metabolism moving and feel energized as well as satisfied until lunch. For breakfast consider having almond butter, smoothie with greens and egg white scrambles with veggies or some fruits of your choice.
2.Use fresh herbs:
Fresh herbs such as basil, parsley and mint  add flavour to food without adding more calories. This limits your craving to add more salt (which adds to bloating) and helps cut down calories with minimal use of butter and oil.
3.Eat an afternoon snack:
Hélène Charlebois, health coach and registered dietitian says, “what derails most people’s regular diets,” is the witching hour after 4 pm, when desires set in and lead to bad choices of food. Keep hunger in check with an afternoon snack like yoghurt and berries or peanut butter with an apple. Lots of people have legitimate cravings especially during noon. They need fuel to meet their hunger pangs. In such cases,  skipping snacks can lead to overeating at the next meal.
4.Treat yourself:
“Losing weight is not about giving up all of your favourite foods,” says Nutritionist Jenny Barber. Treating yourself during dieting is not only helpful to get slim but keeps you motivated to follow a proper diet plan. Moreover, it can actually help prevent a decrease in your metabolic rate along with reduced food binges.
5.Cook yourself:
Try to prepare food yourself and get the best intake of fresh ingredients. If you don’t like cooking, don’t worry! Start slowly by eliminating one restaurant meal a week. Cooking yourself leads to lower sugar, fat and salt in your diet and can help you get slimmer.
6.Exercise to get a slim, toned and sculpted figure: 
Several exercise gurus have launched hundreds of abdominal exercises to achieve a sculpted figure. To achieve a slimmer body start connecting the dots between your body and mind. It is suggested to keep exercise simple and focus on your breath and movement. You can opt for exercises such as Plank, Cardio and Sit-ups

Get started with these simple tips at home and get a sculpted body in 2016!

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