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Great Tips to Stick to your New Year Resolution in 2016

Most of us make New Year resolutions but fail to stick to it. Want to stick to your New Year Resolution, this time? Check out these set of plans to follow this year. Here are our top tips on how to stick to your New Year Resolution in 2016.

Set Realistic Targets:
One of the major reason for not sticking to New Year resolutions is sometimes we set high expectations for ourselves. So is better to take baby steps. New Year challenges with resolutions are often unattainable or sometimes unrealistic. In fact they are about behaviour change and most of the time, people lack an action plan that works well for them.
Monitor Your Resolution: 
To manage something in a better way you need to monitor it. Keep track of your plan and monitor whether its in the right direction. This is called the right Strategy of Monitoring. If your goal is about weight loss then start focusing on the big goal. Take small steps and check out your progress rate. Smaller the steps, better are your chances of staying inspired to stick to your New Year Resolution.
Treat Yourself:
Treat yourself well and have fun while you continue with your New Year resolution.  Healthy treats help create positive vibes and stay focussed on your goals. Ensure your treats are healthy and avoid unhealthy food to stay fit. This is known as Strategy of Treats.
Get Some Support:
A study published in the Clinical Psychology and Journal of Consulting, shows that members who joined in a weight loss program with friends are more likely to lose weight. People remained inspired to complete this program.  Several people have lost weight, quit smoking and cut down their drinking habits through support groups. Never make New Year Resolutions just to tell your family and friends about it but aim to attain it .
Stick to your Resolution:
It doesn’t matter how much support you have around you or how much you planning you have done. Sticking to your resolution completely depends on you. Never  give up! This is the only key to succeed.

Stay Happy and stick to your New Year Resolution in 2016!

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