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Ahmedabad is widely known as the “Manchester of East”. The tourist destinations in Ahmedabad provide a perfect mixture of heritage and a vibrant modern city life. Walled City and The Gates, Teen Darwaza and Rani no Haziro, Museums, Akshardham and Walking History lesson are some of the must see places in the city. The Ahmedabad city is now the seventh largest metropolis in India. Generally Ahmedabad has been one of the most vital centres of commerce and trade in western India. It is perfect destination for those who love to visit great places. Some of the features that perfectly define the Ahmedabad city are fine monuments, wonderful museums and elegant lakes. There is a plenty of sightseeing places in Ahmedabad that are really worth visiting. Adalaj is one of the most outstanding step wells of Gujarat. It serves as a remarkable retreat during the months of scorching heat.Ahmedabad enjoys a booming cultural tradition, being the centre of Gujarati cultural activities and varied traditions of different cultural and spiritual communities. General celebrations and compliances include Uttarayan an annual kite-festival on 14 January. The nine nights of Navratri is celebrated with people performing Garba . It is the folk dance of Gujarat.
Ahmedabad, the former capital of Gujarat and the seventh largest metropolis in India, is well knownfor food and culture. Ahmedabad is a paradise for food lovers.Bhatiyar Gali, Kalupur, Khau Gali,Jamalpur , manek chowk and IIMA are famous for street food. Ahmedabad has got various beautiful tourist attractions like Walled City and The Gates, Teen Darwaza and Rani no Haziro, Museums and Akshardham. Adalaj vav is one of the most outstanding step wells of Gujarat. Thol Lake in Ahmedabad, is a Bird Sanctuary and is a lovely place with mesmerizing view during sunrise, it is worth visiting.

Ahmedabad known for its diversified culture and various festivals such as Uttrayan (Festival of Kites), Navaratri (Festival of ras garba), and Rathyatra (Festival of Lord Jagannath) .Ahmedabad offers the toursits various interesting and historical places. Ancient mosques, temples and forts are the main attraction for tourist. Visitors like to visit Jumma Masjud, Hutheesingh derasar and famous sabarmati ashram.

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